Chris Gregoire, Governor

Rogers Weed, Director, Department of Commerce

Alex Pietsch, Director, Office of Aerospace                                                                         


Michael Bartlett, President, American Aerospace Engineering

Mary Kaye Bredeson, Executive Director, Center of Excellence

Steve Kidd, President, Cimtech/U.S. Aerospace Alliance

Mashawn Drew, Chief Operations Officer, Custom Interface

Dr. Raymond Davies, Partner, Get It Group LLC

Greg Krape, Partner, Get It Group LLC

Craig Rosenberg, President and CEO, Global Technica

Ron Jacobsen, Corporate Projects Manager, Globe Machine

Bob Uptagrafft, Account Manager, Impact Washington

Thomas Hedger, President, Magnum Venus Plastech MVP

Mathew Steinman, President/Owner, Metaltech Inc.

Robby Edmonton, Director of Corporate Accounts and Business Development, Metaltech Inc.

T.J Richards, General Manager, Metaltech Inc.

Mark Irby, Director of Corporate Accounts, Pacifica Engineering

Scott Dean, President and General Manager, Pacifica Engineering

Liz Lasater, CEO, Red Arrow

Ty Ueland, Director, Business Development, Seacast

Erich Thompson, Director of Sales and Marketing, Service Steel Aerospace Corp

Frank Nichols, President and CEO, Silicon Forest

Associate Development Organizations

Susan Suess, Senior Vice President, Economic Development Board of Tacoma and Pierce County

Denise Dyer, Manager of Economic Development, Pierce County

Robin Toth, Vice President, Business Development, Greater Spokane Incorporated

Troy McClelland, President and CEO, Economic Alliance, Snohomish County

Todd Woodard, Director, Marketing/Public Relations, Spokane International Airport

Clean Technology

Brian Polagye, Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering, University of Washington

Steve Klein, General Manager, Snohomish County PUD

Dallas Meggitt, Chief Technical Officer, Sound & Sea Technology

Don Pickering, CEO of OneOcean


James D. Halle, Commissioner, VP, Port of Port Angeles

Colleen McAleer, Marketing and Property Manager, Port of Port Angeles


Vincent Dupray, General Manager Europe, Enprecis, Inc.

Andy Travers, Vice President Sales, F5 Networks

Bryan Trussel, CEO, Glympse

Jim Bak, Senior Manager, PR and Marketing, INRIX

Greg Kleven, Managing Director International Business Development, RootMetrics

State Government

Cory Curtis, Communications Director, Office of the Governor

Brent Heinemann, Director, International Relations & Protocol, Office of the Governor

Leigh Felton, Assistant Director, Business Services Division, COM

Mark Calhoon, Senior Managing Director, International Trade, COM

Monica Wiedrich, Aerospace Business Development Manager, International Trade, COM