Day 3 – feeling good!

From: Gov. Gregoire

Day three and the trade mission has already been a success! We started in Ireland where the message is simple—Ireland wants to do business with Washington companies, and the time is now. The economic recovery of both regions depends on trade and new investment and between us we have the opportunity to kick-start that conversation. I’ve been asked why Ireland, a country with a smaller population than the US, is a valuable partner. The reason is simple—it’s a country that aligns with our Washington values and it’s the entry point for the EU market. We can’t afford to ignore the opportunities there.

We met our goal of introducing Washington state to the people and the government of Ireland. In a meeting with the Prime Minister I was able to share with him the impressive Washington companies that also call his country home—like Boeing, Microsoft, Amazon, Blue Nile, Popcap Games, Big Fish Games, and so many more. In addition we launched a very exciting project with Open Hydro, one of the few designers and builders of tidal wave energy. They are partnering on a project with Snohomish County PUD that promises to be truly groundbreaking in providing clean energy (and the first tidal energy in the US) to Washingtonians.

In an unprecendented opportunity, our aerospace delegation visited Bombardier in Belfast where the message was simple—they want to do business with Washington state suppliers. Our message is simple as well—we want to do business with them!

Finally we ended our third day with visits to Mukilteo based Electro Impact and Airbus. In Wales, Electro Impact is building the wings for the A380. An impressive factory, Airbus too is looking to partner with more strategic and smart companies and we are ready to help make those connections happen.

As evidence of our success we are already seeing deals take form and agreements take hold. The value is clear—in these tough economic times when we are trying to rebuild our economy through a variety of means, we must be out knocking on doors and reminding people around the world that Washington is among the best states to do business and we are ready to make that business happen!


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